Randy Niemeyer Stands in Solidarity with United Steelworkers Union on U.S. Steel and Nippon Deal

December 19, 2023

Nippon’s acquisition of U.S. Steel raises concerns, results in suggestion to reclaim part of lakefront | NWI Times

“I am deeply concerned by the news that U.S. Steel would be acquired by Nippon Steel, a foreign steel competitor. It is troubling to learn that this historic company will no longer be American-owned and operated. U.S. steelmakers have struggled to compete against subsidized metals made by foreign competitors as it is, and this acquisition further consolidates the industry and puts the livelihoods of hardworking families in question,” said Lake County Councilman Randy Niemeyer, who is running as a Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District. “Gary Works is U.S. Steel’s largest manufacturing plant and is the largest employer in Gary. Gary Works is a driving force in our community’s economy and America’s domestic steel production. We have all seen, first hand, the impact that major employers leaving the Region has caused in our communities. We need economic growth, that protects good-paying jobs for hardworking people. I fear that this acquisition by Nippon Steel will put the livelihoods of Gary Works’ hardworking employees at risk.” Niemeyer said the union should have been looped in on the decision to sell.

“I stand in solidarity with the United Steelworkers union whose members were unjustifiably excluded from this process. The voices of every hardworking man and woman deserve to be heard and considered in any decisions that impact their livelihoods,” Niemeyer said.