Randy Niemeyer Calls Out Frank Mrvan for Blocking Support for Israeli Iron Dome, Urges Support for Israel

March 6, 2024

For Immediate Release
March 6, 2024
Contact: Kyle Walsh
[email protected]

Cedar Lake – As global unrest persisted and Israel faced attacks from Hamas, Frank Mrvan turned his back on our allies, voting three times to block funding for Israel’s Iron Dome System. In response, Randy Niemeyer, Lake County Councilman and Republican Congressional candidate for Indiana’s First District issued the following statement:

“It’s time to call out the dangerous decision made by my opponent. In the face of terrorist threats to our allies in Israel, Frank Mrvan voted three times to block funding for Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System.

“The Iron Dome saves lives, and my opponent’s decision to turn his back on our allies, leaving them vulnerable to terrorist attacks is indefensible. In the face of growing global instability, we need leaders who stand strong for our allies, not those who play politics with national security. I promise you this: when I’m in Congress, I’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure our allies, like Israel, have the support they need to defend themselves,” stated Niemeyer.