Randy Niemeyer’s Statement on Tyson Foods Hiring Migrants After Massive Layoffs in Iowa

March 19, 2024

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2024
Contact: Kyle Walsh
[email protected]

Cedar Lake – Following the news that Tyson Foods intends to hire over 40,000 migrants after laying off more than 1,200 American workers in Iowa, Randy Niemeyer, Lake County Councilman and Republican Congressional candidate for Indiana’s First District issued the following statement:

“When you combine Bidenomics with an open border policy, this is what you get: layoffs and thousands displaced. This is only the beginning if we don’t get serious about securing our border and fixing an economic climate that makes it nearly impossible to thrive. We cannot stand idly by while American workers are pushed aside in favor of cheaper labor from abroad. This is not just about economics; it’s about standing up for our values and ensuring that in this country, American citizens come first,” stated Niemeyer.