Randy Niemeyer Condemns Frank Mrvan’s Betrayal of American Energy

March 27, 2024

For Immediate Release
March 27, 2024
Contact: Kyle Walsh
[email protected]

Cedar Lake – Following Rep. Frank Mrvan’s vote to support Biden’s energy policies that have led to higher gas prices and increased reliance on foreign adversaries for energy development, Randy Niemeyer, Lake County Councilman and Republican Congressional candidate for Indiana’s First District issued the following statement:

“Mrvan’s out-of-touch decision to support Joe Biden’s disastrous anti-American energy policies is a blatant betrayal of the values and interests of the community he’s supposed to represent. He’s turned his back on the hardworking Hoosiers in favor of embracing the radical left’s energy agenda. He would rather see you pay more at the pump, and rely on China and other foreign adversaries than unleash the power of American energy. As a truck driver for nearly 30 years, I know a thing or two about the importance of fighting against harmful regulations and reckless policies that undermine American energy independence and jeopardize our economic security,” stated Niemeyer.