Randy Niemeyer Urges Support for Israel Amidst Attacks

April 19, 2024

For Immediate Release
April 19, 2024
Contact: Kyle Walsh
[email protected]

Cedar Lake – Following the latest escalation of Middle East tensions, Randy Niemeyer, Lake County Councilman and Republican Congressional candidate for Indiana’s First District urged support for our ally and criticized Rep. Frank Mrvan for his repeated abandonment of Israel:

“I stand unequivocally with Israel in the face of escalating threats. Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks is non-negotiable. We must ensure unwavering support for our strongest ally in the Middle East. Yet time and time again, Frank Mrvan has shown that his allegiances lie with radical antisemites, whether it’s voting against censuring Rashida Tlaib’s antisemitic comments, accepting funding from anti-Israel groups, or voting against funding for Israel’s Defense system three times, Mrvan has turned his back on our friends in their time of need,” stated Niemeyer.